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1s Victory over St. Andrews in Second Half Triple Goal Thriller

On Wednesday October 3rd, the 1s kicked off their season with a windy game against St. Andrews on the stadium pitch. The first half saw Edinburgh maintain the majority of the possession, but unable to convert any chances. The opposing wind made it difficult for Edinburgh to capitalize on long balls that attempted to break through the St Andrews defensive line. Several good oppourtunities, one by Macleod in the 24th minute, went just wide of the goal. St Andrews maintained a defensive strategy, taking their opportunities from a few counter attacks. The second half saw a renewed effort from Edinburgh, who shifted their formation to be more attacking. 10 minutes into the second half, Conner takes a brilliant left-footed strike from far out and scores her first goal for the club in the top left-hand corner. The goal sees Edinburgh up their tempo, and not long after Macleod makes it two after a battle in the box allows her to slot one in. The physical intensity of the game increases, as a frustrated St Andrews tries to get back in the game and several fouls are called. However, Edinburgh maintain a large share of the possession. A beautiful shot from Coppel, 35 yards out, sails over the St Andrews keeper and brings the score to 3-0 Edinburgh. The last minutes of the game see a confident Edinburgh circulating the ball with purpose and maintaining possession despite St. Andrew’s pressure. A few other good chances, including a strike from Reynolds, come just wide of the goal. The final whistle is blown and Edinburgh 1s start their season with a fantastic victory, setting the tone for the season to come.

Below: Izzy Coppel celebrates her debut goal for EUWAFC (Photo by Craig Doyle Media)

Izzy Coppel celebrates her debut goal for EUWAFC (Photo by Craig Doyle Media)

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