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BUCS Futsal Championship Quarter-Final

EUWAFC Futsal 1s v. Uni of Bath 1s (Away).

Not even Coronavirus could stop our first team and their massive Quarter-final as the girls flew down South for their BUCS game versus Bath.

Squad: Fran, Hannah, Izzy, Jane, Kirstie, Kristina, Caitlin, Linda, Jules.

Edinburgh start strong with a perfect goal from Jane meeting Izzy's head! 1-0 to Edinburgh, Great goal then by Kirstie to double the lead 2-0! Another Edinburgh goal and 2 Bath counters makes the score 3-2. Some added drama of a yellow card for Bath due to some shirt-tugging! End of First half score 4-3 to Bath. A super close and tense first half!

A second half goal from Edinburgh is not enough as Bath also add one goal to their score, making the game finish 5-4 to Bath. A Quote from the referees: "best female game of futsal we have ever reffed". Amazing push in the last minutes but ultimately not enough to get the girls the lead. Fantastic effort and a great game to end the season.

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