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1s Overcome 2s in Close League Game

As the kickoff whistle blew both teams were looking sharp. Despite the bitter cold night both teams came to battle, the game was looking pretty even, neither team clearly dominating the pitch. It wasn’t going to be an easy game for anyone. There was some great play and passing from both teams that was undoubtedly straight off the training ground. Some excellent through balls from the 1’s kept the 2’s defense on their toes, but learning from their mistakes each time the 2’s progressively made it more difficult for the 1’s to have a strike at goal. 10 minutes in the 2’s had a chance at seeing a goal when Bailey Bender took a free kick. It was a stunning strike that bent past the wall that most goalies probably wouldn’t have been able to save but luckily for the 1’s they had Charlotte Parker-Smith who managed to save it by tipping it over the bar. A controlled switch play from Cecilia Bosman gave Kayla Duverger a chance to slot the ball into the back of the net meaning a goal for the 1’s just before half time. A centre ball gave Lily Chubb a chance to successfully take on four opponents, frustrating the 1’s as no one seemed to be able to get a tackle in on her. The end strike wasn’t enough to get past Parker-Smith though. Half time and it was still anyone’s game for the taking. Second half included a few corners for the 1’s giving them opportunities to secure a win with another goal. Unfortunately for them the 2’s stayed composed and managed to defend and clear the ball every time. A drive towards the goal by a 1’s player looked like it could turn into a goal for them as the player escaped the tackles of 2’s defense. A few more steps and she had a chance at a perfect shot. Luckily Katie McCabe with her rapid speed came across from the opposite side of the pitch and caught up to the player so that she was no longer a threat. A nice clean clearance from Katie prevented a further goal. The intensity of the game never dropped, each team giving one hundred and ten percent. The one’s managed to fit in a few more wide shots on goal before the full time whistle was blown. A close game and an excellent performance by both teams. 

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