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Recreational Football

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What is the EUWAFC Recreational Programme?

In 2015, EUWAFC started a Recreational Football Programme to run alongside our three University Squads, allowing girls of all ability to play football in a more relaxed and less competitive environment.


It is the first ever Women's Intramural 5-a-side football League at Edinburgh university, launched by the Sports Union as part of a campaign to expand the opportunities available for women in sport.


Recreational players are organised into teams that enter into the league and play 50-minute matches every Saturday morning at the Peffermill 5-a-side pitches. Each year the number of teams entered into the league has grown


It’s a really fun way of getting out in the fresh air at the weekend, meeting new people and is perfect for improving your skills or learning as a beginner! It is also an excellent opportunity for people looking to be involved with the club but who can't commit to training twice a week and weekly matches with a squad. 

Winners of the Leagues (one per semester) are announced at the end of each semester!

Interested in joining? Request to join the facebook group, click the contact us button to email us directly or DM us @euwafc or @euwafc_rec!

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