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  • Scotland Women's U19 National Team Captain 2020 Kirstie McIntosh.

  • Scottish Student Sport 2020 Izzy Coppel and Krissy Williams. 

  • Scottish Student Sport 2019 Home Nations Squad- Izzy Coppel, Margaux Durand-Watson, Kim Guthrie, Beth Macleod, Kristina Kim (Player of tournament).

  • Scottish Student Sport 2019 Training Squad- Charlotte Parker-Smith, Izzy Coppel, Margaux Durand-Watson, Kim Guthrie, Beth Macleod, Kristina Kim.

  • Scottish Student Sport 2018 Home Nations Squad- Beth Macleod, Lucy Stanton, Nicole Cairney, Charlotte Parker-Smith, Margaux Durand-Watson, Tegan Reynolds.

  • Scotland Women's 2018 U19 National Team Training Squad- Tegan Reynolds, Nicole Cairney.

  • Scottish Student Sport 2017 Home Nations Squad- Lucy Stanton (captain), Beth Macloed, Charlotte Parker-Smith.

  • Captain of Scotland Women's National Football Team 2009-2017: Gemma Fay.

  • Scotland Women's National Football Team 1996-2015: Julie Fleating MBE. Scottish FA Record of 116 international goals.


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Club Awards

Alex Currie Trophy - Most Inspirational Performance of the Year

  • 2019/20: Shortlist Nominee - EUWAFC 3rd Team for winning Scottish Division 3 and being promoted to Division 2

  • 2018/19: Winner - EUWAFC 1st Team for beating Stirling in Scottish Cup final and then beating Birmingham and Nottingham Trent in the playoffs to be promoted to the BUCS Premier League (top league in the UK).

Colonel R. B Campbell - Most Improved Club of the Year 

  • 2018/19: Winner

  • 2012/13: Winner

Lillywhite Shield - Outstanding Club of the Year

  • 2019/20: Shortlist Nominee - EUWAFC was nominated for its implemented 4 year club development plan, fundraising efforts for Social Bite and the NHS, 3rd team becoming the first ever 3rd team to win BUCS Scottish 3A, 4th team establishment and club-level Covid-19 pandemic response. 

  • 1998/99: Winner

Ian Stevens Alumni Award

  • 2022/23: Winner - EUWAFC was awarded this title for its 2022 Alumni Day Match, which involved 40 alumni playing in EUWAFC kit. The club was also recognised for its semesterly alumni newsletters and for raising awareness about its alumni fund.

Individual Awards

Blues (awarded for Performing at a consistently high-level for their club):

  • 2020/21; Kirstie McIntosh, Izzy Coppel (Half-Blue), Kristina Kim (Half-Blue)

  • 2018/19: Charlotte Parker-Smith, Lucy Stanton, Beth Macleod

  • 2007/08: Jennifer Davies, Kimberley Tennant

  • 2006/07: Frankie Brown, Joanna Hutcheson, Karen Mason, Louise Moultray, Kimberley Tennant (Half-Blue)

  • 2005/06: Jennifer Taylor, Helen Templeton, Louise Moultray (Half-Blue)

  • 2004/05: Ashley McDonald, Alyson Casey (Half-Blue), Joanna Leaver (Half-Blue), Helen Templeton (Half-Blue), Yvonne Tindal (Half-Blue)

  • 2003/04: Clare Halliday, Kristy Scott, Josifina Eklund (Half-Blue), Kirsty McConnell (Half-Blue)

  • 2002/03: Gemma Fay, Louise Young, Katrina Coll (Half-Blue), Rachael Ewing (Half-Blue), Clare Halliday (Half-Blue), Linsey Park (Half-Blue), Valerie Sanaghan (Half-Blue), Kristy Scott (Half-Blue)

  • 2000/01: Jackie Collins, Amanda Crawford, Charlene Henderson

  • 1999/00: Morag Carmichael, Jennifer Latto, Pauline MacDonald, Kirsten MacKay, Jennifer McWilliam, Joanne McWilliam

  • 1998/99: Tracy Brogan, Judith Clapp, Pamela McGregor

Colours (Awarded for services and dedication to their club):

  • 2022/23: Katie Alexander, Philine Rouwers

  • 2021/22: Francesca Spaeth, Izzy Coppel, Kristina Kim

  • 2020/21: Cecilia Bosman (also awarded the McTernan Colour of the Year Award), Hannah Dryden, Linda Martetschlaeger, Megan Gower, Molly McGregor

  • 2019/20: Molly Simmons, Eleanor Wolfe, Jane Marshall and Katie Macdonald 

  • 2018/19: Rachel Torrance and Amy Gilroy

  • 2017/18: Sarah Thompson

  • 2016/17: Lucy White

  • 2015/16: Florence Haines (also awarded the McTernan Colour of the Year Award)

  • 2014/15: Charlotte Ferguson, Hannah Craig, Caitlin Johnson

  • 2007/08: Kimberley Tennant

  • 2005/06: Helen Templeton

  • 2004/05: Louise Young

  • 1998/99: Natalia Sollohub

  • 1997/98: Pamela McGregor, Wendy Georgeson

  • 1995/96: Gayle Farmer

  • 1993/94: Kirsty Eastwood

Executive Committee Awards (Awarded for major services to club and University sport):

  • 2021/22: Philine Rouwers

  • 2019/20: Eleanor Wolfe and Katie Macdonald

  • 2016/17: Lucy White

  • 2014/15: Florence Haines

Neil Campbell Shield - Volunteer of the Year (Awarded for outstanding volunteering in sport):

  • 2019/20: Cecilia Bosman

  • 2018/19: Jane Marshall


  • Scottish Student Sport Head Coach 2020- EUWAFC First Team Coach Mike Ross.

  • Scottish Student Sport Head Coach 2019- EUWAFC First Team Coach Mike Ross. (also nominated for Edinburgh University Coach of the Year 2018/19).

  • Scottish Student Sport Team Manager 2019 and 2018 - EUWAFC Alumni/EUHV Coach Florence Haines

  • Scottish Student Sport Assistant Coaches 2018- EUWAFC 2nd Team Coach/Alumni Nichola Sturrock and EUWAFC First Team Coach Mike Ross.

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