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Rec and Medics draw in Spectacular Friendly

Sunday saw the EUWAFC Recreational Squad playing the Medics at Peffermill. The sun shone as both teams took to the pitch for their first 11-aside match of the season. Both teams gave a good fight in the first third, but the Medics had the edge with some strong runs into the oppositions box. After a few chances that had been quickly stifled by the other team’s defence, Francesca Loro managed to find a gap to put her one on one with the keeper giving the Medics an early lead. The Rec squad were quick to counter however, with a slick passage of play putting Hannah Lee in position for a great strike that found the bottom corner. Some more high play from the Medics followed and Theresa Thornton made a great run to coolly slip the ball just inside the post to make it 2-1 to the Medics. With both teams fighting hard some great end to end play ensued, with Rec player Becca Bolton creating some strong passages of play down the wing to put pressure on the opposition. Meanwhile, midfielder Linda Marteschlaager was tirelessly working in the middle to break the Rec defence and in the final two minutes her efforts paid off with a fantastic run into the box. She expertly placed the ball at the feet of Meghan Joyce-Anderson, who turned and struck into the far right of the goal to finish 3-1 at the end of the first 30. In the second third, and with the wind behind them now, the Medics were looking strong up front and keeping Rec firmly in their own half. But after a lot of runs that couldn’t find their mark, Rec began to answer back. The middle of the field saw the ball turned over between the teams countless times before finally Laura Torrent-Garcia found the ball at the edge of the box and smashed it home to finish the third 3-2. With the teams reshuffled the final third got underway. Rec dominated the field and five minutes in the ball came to Laura Torrent-Garcia once again. After a great dribble through the Medics’ defence she bagged her second and levelled the playing field - it was all to play for now. The game continued to be close, but the Medics answered back swiftly with a great passage of play down the left wing that midfielder Jess McClintick was able to strike home to push the Medics back in front. It was nearing the end of the match now and it looked like the Medics had just managed to clinch it, but a late run from first-third scorer Hannah Lee brought the teams back to level pegging in what was a close-fought game throughout. Final score: Rec 4-4 Medics 

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