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BUCS Points keep coming for the 2s

Our 2s were away in Aberdeen today against Aberdeen University first team in BUCS 1A.

The game started with action straight away. Two great through balls almost finished off by Philine put the pressure on! Sadly, 26 minutes in Aberdeen scored a header from a corner giving them a 1-0 advantage. Edinburgh didn't let this get them down as Kirsty led the bounce straight back and came near to a goal.

Second half started with all to play for. Our hero was of course Linda, with a craacking goal 49 minutes in to level the score to 1-1!. 75 minutes another moment of beauty as Kirsty scored an absolutely beautiful goal putting Edinburgh in the lead! 2-1 to EUWAFC! The lead unfortunately did not last long with Aberdeen getting a breakthrough 3 minutes later to make the score 2-2. The last 20 minutes the girls did not give up and fought hard to keep the score 2-2.

Once again, the 2s adding to their amazing points total, giving them their record number of points achieved in the Scottish 1A (the TOP Scottish Division). <3


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