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AGM! New Committee Elected!

President- Cecilia Bosman

Vice President- Izzy Coppel

Vice President- Molly McGregor

Secretary- Linda Martetschlaeger

Treasurer- Cynthia Steijn

Publicity Officers- Megan Gower and Kristina Kim

Social Secretaries- Dayna Anderson and Philine Rouwers

Recreational Officers- Sophie Winterbourne and Sarah Thornton

Fundraising officer- Hannah Dryden

Futsal Officer- Emma Kern

Mental Health and Well-Being Officer- Fran Spaeth

Kit Officer- Jen Brown

Community and Alumni Officer- Lauren Beach

Congratulations to all elected and thank you to everyone who took part. Amazing to see players from all 4 teams elected as well as a few familiar faces re-elected! We can't wait to see what you all get up to <3


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