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BUCS Cup run ends for 1s and 2s

Today saw both our First and Second team take part in their respective BUCS Quarter-finals of their Cups.

The 1s flew down to Bath 1s to play in the BUCS Championship.

- An early goal for Bath was doubled by a penalty causing Edinburgh to trail 2-0.

- The Second half our 1s fought really hard, with some super close misses and didn't let any more goals in.

- Sadly the game ended 2-0 to Bath.


Meanwhile the 2s were playing at Peffermill versus Teesside 1s in the BUCS Trophy.

- An exciting start to the game with an early goal by Teesside then retaliated with a beautiful equalizer by Meg to make the game 1-1 in the first 7 minutes.

- Some crucial saves by Sarah kept the score equal the first 20 minutes.

- Despite some great defense, just before halftime Teeside scored three goals to make it 4-1.

- Teesside continued their goal streak after half-time where despite another beautiful strike by Meg into the top-corner, the game ended 7-2 to Teesside.

Congrats to all the girls, especially those who shifted teams due to Innovative Learning Week, everyone worked hard and earned their place!

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