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First Semester Round up – The 3s!

First Semester Round up – The 3s!

Anticipation was high in September after coming 2nd for two years in a row, the 3s felt this year was their year to top the table. Preseason was hard work and the girls gained some excellent new recruits in Welcome Week Trials, creating a buzz of excitement for the upcoming season!

The First game showed this well, with an astonishing 5-0 victory over Glasgow 2s! From then on, the girls didn’t let the results get to their head and continued to work hard each week to build on this success. After 3 wins in 3 games, the girls finally met their challenge in their 4th game of the season against Stirling. A frustrating game where Stirling seized upon their chances meant that they beat Edinburgh 2-0. Perhaps this sobering experience was exactly what our girls needed, because they made sure they came back stronger than ever. The Girls ended the first semester back to winning ways with a well fought 3-2 battle over Glasgow Caledonian. This result means that the girls finish the semester at the TOP of the league by 2 points over Stirling Women’s 3s.

We hope the 3s had a great Christmas break and are ready to hit the first week of term running, starting with their Monday morning 6 am Circuits! <3

Coach Laura: ‘Let’s Crack on and Finish the season the way we’ve started!’

The 3s first game back is a BIG one versus Stirling 3s away on Wednesday 29th of January!

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