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3s Show Great Talent against Division Above Team

Squad: Fran, MJA, Kara, Dayna, Bel, Steph, Emma, Helena, Molly, Cynthia, Imme, Romilly, Fiona, Cat, Briony, Ronja

Edinburgh’s 3s met face to face with Robert Gordon University who had travelled all the way from Aberdeen to play at Peffermill on a cold Wednesday afternoon. With RGU being in the division above, the 3s ensured they started the game with full force without holding back at all – and we could definitely see that RGU were doing the same. Already during the first five minutes Fran saved a tricky free kick. All in all the ball was in equal possession during the first half, with both teams working hard. There were a few close opportunities for goals, for example, in a breakaway by Cynthia, which was unfortunately saved by RGU’s keeper. By the end of the first half both teams had yet to score a goal. 0-0!

Right at the beginning of the second half Cynthia was unluckily injured, totalling up to the second injury of the evening, as the game had been stopped earlier during the first half because of an injury on RGU’s team as well. At around 52 minutes into the game the first goal of the game was scored by RGU in the right corner of Edinburgh’s goal. Another one was headed in after just a few minutes bringing the score to 2-0 to RGU. Despite this, Edinburgh kept their cool and stepped up their attacks with several forceful attempts at scoring goals: Dayna sent Helena down the line, almost resulting in a goal, and Molly also took a shot. Over on Edinburgh’s side of the field the defenders and midfielders were also hard at work not letting RGU’s attackers in, and if they did Fran was quick to save all shots.

Despite a final result of 2-0 to RGU the 3s still had reason to be content with their efforts and communication as a team throughout the tough game, and took this as evidence of their ability to keep calm and evenly pressure a team in a division above them.

POTM: Fran

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