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3s Undefeated streak challenged

Squad: Greta, Kara, Meghan, Briony, Bel, Steph, Emma, Helena (VC), Molly (C), Cynthia, Dayna, Romilly, Fiona (VC), Imme, Sofia, Annie. EUWAFC Debut start for Greta and first game for Imme!

With the cold settling into Edinburgh, our 3s set out to face Stirling in their 4th game of the season. The girls huddle to keep warm, 5pm strikes the clock and the game is on.

The game started strong with the squad pushing across the halfway line. Just under 20min the girls build a fantastic play, but even with a brilliant opportunity it is unluckily cleared. The game stayed beyond our halfway line and Edinburgh was in full attack. Unfortunately, with a second of misunderstanding and disconnection, Stirling managed to cut through our defence and score. With one goal down the cold seemed even more insidious. The remainder of the first half was tense as our 3s kept pressing and testing Stirling’s goalkeeper. At half-time the pressure was but with a much-needed captain pep talk the girls were determined to fight.

The second half of this game was by far the most intense, thrilling, and jaw-dropping half seen in this season yet. With every opportunity on our side, a comeback was at our fingertips. Astonishingly, we hit the crossbar 5 times keeping the supporters running up and down the side lines and at the edge of their seats. Molly, Cynthia, Helena, Fiona… one after the other the shots poured into the keepers’ hands. A series of unfortunate events lead to another unlucky goal by Stirling against the flow of play.

After the longest final minute, the ref calls the end and the 3s walk off the pitch heartbroken. Final Score 2-0 to Stirling 3s. Nonetheless, this humbling and sobering loss seemed to strengthen the bonds within the team. With every player picking each other up in the changing rooms and a hopeful huddle, the evening ended in Pear tree with fantastic chat!

On to the next one girls!

POTM: Kara.

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