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3 for 3’s; Remaining undefeated with a 6-1 win!

Squad: Spaeth, Lynch, Joyce-Anderson, Smith, O’Nunian, Khoory, Kern, Martin (VC), Simmons (C), Steijn, Anderson, King, Allan, Elliot, Larsen, Jones, Barber-Stones.

A lovely Wednesday afternoon saw the 3’s being led out onto their home ground by Captain Molly Simmons and Vice-Captain Helena Martin. The squad walked out stronger than ever before and warmed up for the challenges set ahead of them in their third game of the season.

The game kicked off at 2pm to a strong start with Edinburgh fighting to get through St Andrews strong defence. By strategically manipulating the space available in the twentieth minute, the team were able to get the ball through the defence with Vice-Captain, Helena Martin, managing to smash it into the back of the net and giving us the first goal and a nice lead. A strong attacking system had been established through the first half with many shots being taken, and one being let in through the thirty-third minute. A strong strike from Cynthia Steijn off of Stephanie Khoory’s rebound; giving Cynthia the first of her three goals in the game. However, an injury occurred and the opposing goalkeeper had to be taken off with a substitute being brought on in place.

The first goal of the season was then conceded by Edinburgh after a tough fight from Spaeth with a one on one situation as St Andrews worked their way up the pitch and made it through the defence. The team did not let this get them down as they came back fighting and ready to score another goal in the forty-fifth minute. This goal was a stunning shot, after being worked up the pitch beautifully from the defenders, from Cynthia Steijn that overpowered the keeper and went into the back of the net. Halftime sees a 3-1 lead and the squad gathering with proud smiles on their faces and a lot of fight left to give.

The second half kicks off to another tough fight; the ball being passed back and forth between the opposing teams. A second goal for Helena is secured as it is let in by the St Andrews Goalkeeper in the sixty-third minute. Work rate is kept high from the team and they are determined to get more. Cynthia then secures her second hattrick of the season with an elegant shot from inside the box, leaving a 5-1 lead. Edinburgh Goalkeeper Fran Spaeth comes off the pitch to allow Greta barber-stones on to make her debut and make some crucial saves within the second half and substitutes Allan, Larsen and Jones made their way onto the pitch. The sixth goal is then seen in by Captain Molly Simmons after a flawless run in from Steph.

Player of the match was Stephanie Khoory!

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