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3s Start the league off with a bang! 5-0!

4 pm Kick off away v. Glasgow 2s,

Squad: Spaeth, Lynch, Lynn, Anderson, O’Nunain, Khoory, Kern, Martin, Simmons(C) Graham, Steijn, Cavill, Joyce-Anderson, Elliott, Smith, Barber-Stones

The scene was set: a sunny day, a great coach journey and a lot of nerves. Captain Molly and vice captains Fiona and Helena started the warm-up and got everyone ready for their first BUCS game back.

The match started chaotically with Glasgow applying the pressure in the first 15 minutes. Excellent work by goalkeeper Fran and the whole team putting their bodies to literally save the ball off our goal line, kept the score even. 7 corners defended in a row and Super Fran kept the 3s in it, but the team didn’t give up. Then 18 minutes in the luck changed. A great run up the wing by Cynthia led to her taking on the wing back to score a goal from a very tight angle. 1-0 to Edinburgh, but still a lot of work to do! Glasgow pushed back at Edinburgh for the next 20 minutes with one of their players even hitting our woodwork. Having got away with this scare, the 3s started to work at controlling possession more. 40 minutes in this hard work was rewarded with a fantastic team goal which had started all the way at the back with Fran, finished off by Molly.

Half time approached and the 3s reflected on a tough but positive first half. The 3s were excited and ready to finish the game off.

55 minutes into the second half and Bel worked hard to chase back to stop an overload of 2 Glasgow players from having a shot on goal in the box. This allowed us to break at the other end and 63 minutes in a great through ball by Steph and Fiona leads to Molly scoring her second of the game. 3-0 Edinburgh! Glasgow came straight back at the 3s with a one on one with Fran and the Glasgow striker, but amazingly Edinburgh maintained their clean sheet. The 3s were then able to capitalise on this great defending with speedy Cynthia scoring 2 more goals in quick succession to make the score 5-0 at Full time.

A great team performance with crucial saves by Fran, 2 goals from Molly and a Hattrick for Cynthia to make the 3s storm their first game of the season with a 5-0 win!

POTM= Bel !

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