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Edinburgh 2's battle in frosty conditions against St Andrews in a SSS cup match

Edinburgh two’s knew that their first match of the second semester was going to be a tough one against St Andrews. The fight to get through to the next round of the SSS cup was on and both teams wanted it as much as the other. It was a cold evening with frost collecting across the 3g, making it difficult and slippery conditions. Edinburgh knew a win was possible as long as they played some smart football. The two's started off strong, making sure they took care of the ball when they had possession of it. The first chance of a goal was when Megan Gower took a brilliant shot from outside the box but it just went wide. Despite no goal gained, the two’s remained positive and knew there would be more chances. As always against St Andrews, the match was a physical one, with Edinburgh battling whenever they lost possession of the ball. Some brilliant recoveries were made, the two’s did not give up easily, even when St Andrews made successful tackles. Brilliant play was made when Rachel Torrance managed to retrieve the ball and make a pass to Eva Steele who then made a great through ball to Freya. Player of the match, Freya managed to get past the first St Andrews defender but was less successful against the second.

An unfortunate offside call was made by the referee after Tess, who also received player of the match, managed to get the ball to Kirsty at the top of the pitch. An irritating decision for the two’s but they kept their heads up and kept hunting for a goal. The two’s came close to a goal when a free kick was given to Hannah Dryden who was pushed off the ball. Bailey bender stepped up to the challenge and took a brilliant strike that went just over the bar.

Goal keeper Olivia Reckley continued to make some great saves and even managed to save a free kick taken by St Andrews, denying them a goal. Unfortunately, St Andrews finally managed to break through and steal a goal just before half time. In the second half a substitution was made of taking Gower off and bringing Katie Kennedy on, who throughout the last half made some brilliant slide tackles. Every single Edinburgh player gave their all until the full time whistle was blown. Various chances were made but unfortunately no goal came from them. Edinburgh’s defence stayed strong to ensure that St Andrews did not gain another goal. The match was well battled all over the pitch and a positive attitude was maintained throughout the match.

The two’s are excited to play the same high standard of football again against St Andrews next week and hope to gain a win in one of the last few matches of the season.

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