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SSS Cup: Edinburgh 3s Face Edinburgh 1s in First Ever Competitive Match Together

SSS cup: 1s reach next round after home match against 3s

Under very windy conditions, Edinburgh’s 1st and 3rd team kick off their second SSS cup fixture of the season. The 1s start the game at a high pace and the 3s’ midfield continually tracks back in order to help defend. After 6 minutes, Beth shoots the first goal for the 1s following a great pass from Jane. Soso, Sophie and Margaux shortly join the score sheet, making it 4-0 after the first 20 minutes. The 3s do not give up with their goal keeper Mollie demonstrating some fantastic saves and Cynthia and Emma advancing into their attacking half. The 1s, however, keep the pressure high and manage to get pass the 3s defence several times, with Beth scoring the 6th goal for her team. After a free kick, Margaux increases the score to 7-0. Four minutes later, Izzy manages to curl a corner kick into the back post of the 3s’ goal. The first half ends with a great run by Soso who scores the 9th goal for the 1s.

Both teams kick off the second half with the same dedication they had shown throughout the course of the game. The 3s’ defence remains solid and nearly 20 minutes go by before the 1s’ attacking team manages to place the ball in the net again, thus shooting their 10th goal. Kim and Tegan who takes a fantastic shoot from 25 yards increase the score to 12-0 for the 1s. The 3s, however, keep fighting until the final whistle with Molly S and Sofia creating some opportunities in front of the 1s’ goal.

The matched ends with a score of 13:0 for the 1s who are now one step closer to their goal of winning the SSS cup. The 3s demonstrated a great team performance and awarded their keeper Mollie’s amazing commitment with the title of player of the match

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