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3s Put up Hard Fight Against Napier 1s

Starting: Clotilde, Collette, Sophie, Astrid, Maia, Steph (Captain), Emma, Helena, Sofia, Fiona, Molly

Substitutes: Eva B, Eva K, Clara, Amelie

This was an away game for Edinburgh 3rdteam, in the cup, against Napier 1stteam. The game was held at Saughton Sports Complex in Edinburgh, at 2pm on the 7thof November. Napier is currently playing in the second league, ahead of the Edinburgh 3rdteam, but the girls were still eager to play a good game.

The game started off with good play from both teams, however Napier was mostly on the offence, and got a few good attacks in. These were well dealt with by the Edinburgh defense, and especially Clotilde. The defense could unfortunately not hold, and Napier eventually got their pay off after 11 minutes. A ball was played over the Edinburgh defense, which were unable to pick up the striker, who could then pass in for a goal.

The reminder of the first half continued with quite a fight, from both teams. Edinburgh had some good attempts with playing down the wing, and then crossing it in. Whilst Napier were more in control of the midfield. The result stayed 0-1 for half time.

Napier came out and scored early in the second half, with a goal in the 50thminute. The goal came after a corner into Edinburgh’s box, where it hit quite a few people before landing in the net. Edinburgh did not give up, despite being two goals behind. They continued with some good attempts at attacking. One of which came in the form of an excellent ball from Helena, and a good run from Fiona. This, as well as the other attempts, where stopped by the Napier defense. Despite the pressure put on by Edinburgh, Napier still managed to score a final goal, in the 64thminute. This came after a long throw in from the Napier right back, to one of the strikers in the box. Edinburgh were unable recover after the goals against them, and even had to play with only 10 players for the last 6 minutes of the match.

Despite the loss, Edinburgh still played a good game, and showed that they are a team that work well together, both through victory and defeats. With a match were the defending was such an important part of the play, it was fitting that the player of the match was Clotilde. She had quite a few incredible saves, ad gave Edinburgh a fighting chance against a team in a league above.

FULL TIME: Edinburgh 3s 0 – 3 Napier 1s

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