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2s Face 1s in Home Derby

Both teams started at a high tempo from kick off, both battling for possession. the 1’s midfield started the game off by making some great ball throughs making it difficult for the 2’s defence. However, the 2’s remained solid at the back with Jenna MacDonald’s strong tackles and Katie McCabe’s incredible speed. When the 1’s strikers did manage to break through, shots on goal were met by some fantastic saves by the 2’s keeper, Fran. The first goal resulted from an unfortunate deflection off the 2’s defence after a brilliant cross from 1’s winger, Kim Guthrie. The 1’s soon after gained another opportunity for a goal, 1’s captain Sophie manages to get to the ball before it rolls off the pitch, cuts back and crosses it into the box, unfortunately nothing came of it as the 1’s striker hit it wide. The 1’s continued to use the wings, making some great runs. The 2’s midfield continually tracked back in order to help defend. The second goal came from Kim Guthrie running down the line and crossing the ball, managing to curve it enough so that it got past the keeper and into the back of the net. The 2’s remained positive and kept their heads up, and after some brilliant communication and team work they got the ball into the 1’s half and became a real threat. Eva made a great through ball to Kirsty who found herself some space to drive towards the goal but unfortunately Jenni, the 1’s keeper, came out of her goal and retrieved the ball. The second half began at the same intensity as the first half finished. Beth’s skilful footwork allowed her to get past the 2’s midfield players but unfortunately Katie McCabe’s speed allowed her to keep up with Beth and snatch back the ball. The 1’s powerful strikes on goals resulted in multiple goals, one from Soso and another from Kim. 2’s player Hannah Dryden continually made successful runs down the line to try gain back a goal. The 1’s made many successful switches with the ball and retained possession by making intelligent passes between each other. A free kick was given when Fran closed down Soso before she could shoot, but unfortunately picked up the ball outside the box. Margaux took a fantastic kick, managing to curve the ball past the defensive wall and into the back of the net. The final score of the match was 6-0 to Edinburgh 1’s, both teams had put in 100% until the final whistle. Edinburgh 2’s displayed some brilliant team work and showed just how far they have come in closing the gap between the 1’s and the 2’s standard.

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