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Strong Battle from Edinburgh 2s Against Glasgow

On Wednesday 31st October the 2s travelled over to Glasgow to play Glasgow’s 1 st team for the second week in a row. Despite a strong start, Glasgow pass a through ball to their wide player resulting in a goal 8 minutes into the game. Although one goal down, play remains strong and Olivia clears the ball from a cross by Glasgow with a fantastic header. At 22 minutes into the game, the Glasgow keeper clips Sophie giving us a penalty. Bailey hits a brilliant strike that goes straight to the back of the net equalising the score. With not long till half time, Glasgow break through our defence and score their second goal. At 43 minutes into the game, Glasgow pass a wide through ball again and score making it 3 -1 to Glasgow at half time. Having worked on structure and closing down players in training, this was achieved as the 2s battled hard in the first half and were able to match Glasgow despite the score. In the second half, at 47 minutes, Glasgow score again having gained possession of the ball taking the score to 4-1. During this half Katie is brought on and at 70 minutes into the game Kayleigh and Rachel are substituted on for Megan and Amy. The 2s battled hard, with a solid defence and opportunities being created by Kirsty and Hannah on the right wing. At 86 minutes into play, Kirsty plays a lovely ball in and with only a few minutes to go, Hannah fights to keep the ball in play, running into the surrounding fence whilst doing so. At full time the score was 4-1 to Glasgow who took their chances well. Despite the score, the 2s played well and fought hard, matching the opposition in many ways. Birthday girl Kirsty receives player of the match for her strong performance upfront, putting 100% effort in, in both closing down and playing forwards


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