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3s Impress Against Stirling

Starting XI: Clothilde, Sammie, Amelie, Jill, Astrid, Cordie, Eva B, Eva K, Clara, Vhairi (captain), Cynthia

Substitutes: Sofia, Lily, Steph, Molly M, Molly S

Edinburgh Women’s 3s kicked off against a newly formed Stirling 3s team at 5pm on October 31, 2018, at Peffermill. Our girls came to the game hungry to prove their worth and skill after a defeat last week. The hunger and the intensity invested in trainings immediately paid off, with an early goal from Amelie after just two minutes of play. Slotting the ball in from the edge of the box, she scored her first of hopefully many goals for EUWAFC. With the game off to a positive start, the 3s use this momentum to build strong attacking passes, rewarded with another goal five minutes later from Cynthia, assisted by Cordie playing in the left wing position.

In a brief moment of inattention, Stirling shortly thereafter manage to slide past our defence and score a goal. They have another shot at goal which is beautifully deflected by our goalkeeper Clothilde. Edinburgh 3s pick up the pace, and after fifteen minutes of play, Vhairi scores to make it 3-1 for Edinburgh. Stirling is physical in their attacking play, but our back four is working closely together to convert any threats into counterattacks. This pays off, with an additional four goals being scored in the space of thirteen minutes, with our speedy striker duo Cynthia and Vhairi scoring two goals each. Stirling manage to score a goal just before halftime, making it 7-2 Edinburgh after 45 minutes.

The beginning of the second half sees several tactical substitutions from Edinburgh’s side, including “supersub” Molly M, who scores a beautiful goal with her very first touch in the game. After 64 minutes of play, Stirling is awarded a free kick right outside the box, which they manage to convert into a goal. This does not deter Edinburgh, however, where Molly S scores on an amazing pass from Molly M, making the score 9-3. Stirling subsequently fight back against an Edinburgh team starting to feel the large size of the pitch, and make their way through our now three-person defense to score a goal. Edinburgh quickly responds by attacking together to score two goals, one from Lily and one from Molly S.

Edinburgh Women’s 3s displayed great teamwork and immediate responsiveness to adversity in this goal-filled game. The team walks away with confidence and a positive mindset looking forward. The player of the match is awarded to Sammie, who worked relentlessly in the back, setting up countless attacks through the wings.

FULL TIME: Edinburgh 3s 12 - 4 Stirlings 3s

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