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Strong Win For Edinburgh 1s

Starting XI team:

Charlotte Parker-Smith, Rachael Connor, Sophie Boeckh (C), Dana Tarif, Jane Marshall, Kim Guthrie, Izzy Coppel, Katie Macdonald, Sohayla King, Beth Macleod & Margaux Durand-Watson


Kayla Duverger & Amy Gilroy

EUWAFC 1s v Aberdeen 1s

After a disappointing defeat to Glasgow last week the 1s were ready to get back into winning ways as they travelled up to take on Aberdeen University 1s.

The first 10 minutes saw good pressure from both teams. It took a while for both teams to get settled into the game with attacking play coming from both sides. Some fantastic corners in the first half coming from Coppel and Macdonald, but the ball didn’t seem to want to go into the back of the net. A left foot pass up the wing to Macleod resulted in a speedy weave to goal and a clinical finish for Edinburgh to lead 1-0. Another few frustrating chances for Edinburgh were unable to hit the back of the net on the lead up to half-time.

Half-time Substitution: Tarif – OFF, Duverger – ON

Edinburgh kicking off the 2nd half with high pressure from Aberdeen. After 10 minutes King played a fantastic through ball to Macleod who took the chance to beat the Aberdeen keeper again and smash the ball into the net making it 2-0. Wasn’t long before Edinburgh were at it again with Durand-Watson secured her 1st goal of the game after a sensational run from Macdonald pushing the score to 3-0. Edinburgh’s defence kept it tight stopping some good attacking play from Aberdeen, with some great outlet balls being created by Parker-Smith. Another goal from Durand-Watson to make it 4-0 created from some great team work between her and Guthrie. Substitution: King – OFF, Gilroy – ON. Hungry for that hattrick, the duo was at it again: Guthrie making a fabulous run from right back to cross it in for Durand-Watson to stick it in the net making it 5-0. An unlucky clearance from Aberdeen seen the score climb to 6-0 within minutes. Aberdeen didn’t let that stop them with a quick turn around and low strike they claimed back a goal to make the final score 6-1. A brilliant effort by all after a long journey up but Edinburgh are ready to go again…after their legs recover from the grass.

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