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1st Lose Out to Strong Glasgow Side

The Edinburgh - Glasgow rivalry is clearly one with great history but hadn’t previously played such a massive part Scottish women’s football. However, after 90 Minutes, Glasgow University made it clear that they’re a team to be reckoned with in the upcoming season. Edinburgh 1s kicked off and opened the game with several chances and worked the ball up and down the field well, building through the middle and utilising our wide players well to create great space and threaten the Glasgow defence. However the Glasgow keeper was brave to come and collect several balls delivered from Macleod before Guthrie could get on the end of them. Coppel and Reynolds worked hard to play balls through and break the Glasgow back 4 and edinburgh sat firmly in front for the next 20 Minutes. Kim delivered a brilliant free kick with a wonderful curve that was met by Stanton’s head but just cleared the bar. Shortly afterwards Boeckh and Guthrie combined for an excellent piece of 1-2 work and the keeper did well to tip a shot wide. Glasgow matched the pace and intensity of the game and Edinburgh were forced onto the back foot through unforced errors and some great play by Glasgow to stretch the pitch and play composed football. Credit where credit is due and Glasgow scored the opener from close range after a well-worked counter attack. The 2nd half began in a similar way to the first and edinburgh found themselves creating numerous chances but unable to finish in the final third. The game continued for the second half with edinburgh dominating the oppourtunities but it was eventually Glasgow that took the second goal to close out the game. Glasgow took the first 3 points from a rivalry that promises to compete for the league title this year and many games of exciting football.

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