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SSS Cup: Road to the Final

On Wednesday 4th April, EUWAFC 1s will take on Stirling 1s in the final of the Scottish Student Sport (SSS) Cup at Lesser Hampden, Glasgow. But how did they get there?

Monday 12th March

This date saw the 1st team play a double header in the SSS cup semi-final combined with their last league fixture against Aberdeen. After being awarded a walkover from Robert Gordon University the 1s had been secured as league winners however wanted to earn the title for themselves with a solid final league performance. At half time the score stood at 3-0 and Edinburgh got a comfortable final win of 5-0 to proceed into the Semi-finals of the SSS cup and end the season with a tremendous 24 points in the league.

Wednesday 14th March Just 2 days afterwards the 1st team took on St Andrews in the SSS cup semi-final at Peffermill. Other club members came down to cheer the girls on and the tense atmosphere was apparent as Saint Andrews are the only team to have beaten the 1st team so far this season.

As a traditionally physical game both Sophie Boeckh and Beth Macelod played tremendous through balls for Edinburgh but none are converted into goals. Lily Chubb manages to hit the bar at 38 minutes shortly followed by Boeckh hitting the post however the score remains 0-0 at half time. In the second half both teams are desperate to find the back of the net but Boackh and Durand-Watson’s strikes both go wide. Edinburgh remain persistent and clinical as they are on top and try to penetrate the Saint Andrews defensive bank. At 64 minutes a clear hand ball is recognised by all spectating however the referee fails to give it. The 0-0 draw sees the game go into penalties with Edinburgh securing the title with 6 goals to 5. Special mention to our penalty scorers: Beth Macelod, Sophie Boackh, Cecelia Bosman, Lily Chubb, Tegan Reynolds, and Katie Macdonald. Next up on Wednesday 4th April sees the 1st team travel to Lesser Hampden, Glasgow, to take on Stirling 1st team in the SSS cup final. After being promoted this season, our 1st team are yet to play against Stirling this year but I am sure the final will be a momentous battle.

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