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Futsal League Concluded

Saturday 27th January saw the final day of Scottish 1A Futsal fixtures, with both of our 1st and 2nd teams in action at West Lothian College, Livingston. Read below about how they got on!

Edinburgh University 1’s vs Edinburgh 2’s

Friends off the pitch, opponents on the pitch. The first game of the day was Edinburgh 1st team against Edinburgh 2nd team. The Edinburgh second team used this opportunity to implement tactics that they must have worked on in training. The second team initially defended zonally which changed to a high press and then to a man-marking tactic. This meant Edinburgh’s 1st team had to quickly adapt their style of play. The second team held off the first team from scoring for 12 minutes with their effective defending. Frustration started to build up in the first team until Beth Macleod slotted the first goal in the bottom corner.

First team player-coach Grete Wilson juggled the role of playing while managing the team and utilised the time outs to advise her players. With the team carrying out Wilsons’ instructions, luck started to fall in the favour of the first team and the goal tally started to increase as the first team eventually got going.