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3s Lose Out to Heriot-Watt

3s put up a good fight in their final game of 2017.

The 3s started off strong with some great through balls which were unfortunately defended well by Heriot-Watt's defence. After 36 minutes Heriot-Watt saw their first goal with another one soon after. However, The 3s kept fighting with some great defence keeping off any more and saw some more great chances that just went wide. With the second half underway, the 3s came out strong with a more attacking formation. This saw some great opportunity for goals from the Edinburgh strikers but Herriot's defence stayed strong. This then led to a counter-attack from Heriot-Watt and 2 more goals from them. The 3s put up a strong fight until the end and come away from the game even more determined for next year.

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