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2s Secure Point Against RGU

The first half saw a strong start from the 2s against a very determined RGU. With new players joining them from the 3s, the team learned quickly how to play to each other’s strengths. RGU’s constant over-the-top balls into the corners were dealt with strength and composure by full backs Smith and Ritchie, and centre backs McCabe, Torrance and Fraser. Direct and speedy runs up the line came from wingers Mcintosh and Wilson, often breaking the line of the strong RGU defence. The 2s had clever phases of play involving the wingers and centre midfielders, Steele and Gower leading to a number of attempts on goal, many of which forcing the RGU keeper to make a save or narrowly missing the goal. Centre forwards Graham (1st half) and Simmons (2nd half) put in tremendous shifts chasing down through balls and challenging the RGU defence. Although there were no goals to show, the 2s took a strong game to RGU and maintained it for the full 90 minutes – their determinmation

securing the well-earned point at the end.

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