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3rd Team Lose Out to Strong Dundee Uni Side

This week the 3s were away to Dundee uni in the conference cup. You wouldn’t have been able to tell that Dundee were in the division above from watching the game, as Edinburgh put up a strong fight. An unfortunate free kick for Dundee sent them 1-0 up in the first half. Their main tactics appeared to be making runs onto long through balls, but the defensive line put up a good fight and worked tirelessly to hold them back meaning Dundee weren’t able to get another one that half. Unfortunately in the second half they were finally able to get a good finish making the score 2-0 to Dundee. The girls kept their heads held high, and chances were made with a couple of Edinburgh free kicks going wide of the post. Dundee’s relentless through balls saw them sneak in another couple of goals towards the end of the game, taking the final score to 4-0. The girls really showed how much they’ve improved over the last few weeks, both individually and as a team. Next week is back to the league, so let’s hope the girls can get a result that actually reflects the game after 2 tough games away. Player of the match went to Bel, who ran non-stop in centre-mid. 

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