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3s show their talent despite loss

The 3s travelled to Glasgow for what they knew was going to be a physical game. They started out strong. They had many runs onto the ball up top from the start and throughout the whole game, but unfortunately the ref was glued to his whistle and kept calling everything offside so it was difficult for our girls to get their shooting boots on. Glasgow Cali played lots of long through balls, which meant the defence were kept on their toes. Cali did break through a few times, but luckily all of their attempts were saved taking the game into half time with a 0-0 score line. The second half didn't begin so well, and a through ball from Cali took them 1-0 up within the first 10 minutes. Undeterred, the girls pushed on, and eventually won a free kick in a prime position. Katie Taylor stepped up to take it, firing it straight into the back of the net with her massive kick. The ref decided however that it should have been an indirect free kick, but then decided to allow the goal as it had touched the keeper as she tried to save it. Safe to say everyone was confused for a moment! Now at 1-1 the girls continued to press but unfortunately didn't find the finishes they wanted. Eventually legs were beginning to tire, allowing Cali to find another break on the end of a long ball to take them back into the lead at 80 minutes. They were able to get a third one only minutes before the final whistle, although frustratingly they were very offside for this. All of the girls gave a brave effort and battled hard in a very physical game with only one sub and players having to play in different positions than they're used to. It was unfortunate that this tough game didn't have a more reflective score line. Player of the match went to Kat Grant. 

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