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1s in Aberdeen Away Win

The 1s arrived in a grey Aberdeen on Wednesday to take on Aberdeen University in their fourth league match of this season.

At 2pm the game kicked off and from the offset, it was clear to see that the match was going to be close, with both teams battling hard to get the first goal. There were chances at each end, with Michie making a vital save within the first 10 minutes as well as a great run by Duverger with a shot that ended up going wide. A chance was also created when MacLeod dribbled past two players and passed to Maraghe who laid it off to Durand-Watson, who’s shot went just over the bar. An Aberdeen player broke the deadlock 24 minutes in with an impressive volley to make it 1-0 to Aberdeen. Edinburgh kept their heads up however, and continued to defend strongly with Bosman and Stanton both making important defensive decisions. Five minutes later, a penalty was awarded to Edinburgh after Gray was fouled in the box having made a run from right back. MacLeod stepped up and calmly slotted the penalty into the bottom corner.

HALF TIME: Aberdeen 1-1 EUWAFC

Three minutes into the first half and Katie MacDonald plays a cracking ball over the top of the defence for Durand-Watson to run onto. She brings the ball down and slots it home under defensive pressure. The rest of the game saw chances at either end but they did not amount to anything. Edinburgh defended well as a team and Aberdeen were unable to penetrate the defence in order to level the game.

FULL TIME: Aberdeen Uni 1-2 EUWAFC

Player of the Match: Margot Maraghe

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