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3rd Team Impress in 6-1 Victory Over QMU

The sun came out in the afternoon just in time for the 3s first game of the season. Excitement was high, and Edinburgh were unlucky not to get a goal sooner with 2 shots going just wide of Queen Margaret's goal within the first 10 minutes. Edinburgh didn't have to wait long though, as an excellent ball from the back found Molly's feet who calmly slot it into the back of the net to take Edinburgh into the lead at only 20 minutes in. Only 6 minutes later, Katie whipped in an excellent ball where Priscilla was ready and waiting at the back post to see the ball home. The defence line did well to trap the QMU strikers offside a few times, and the continued pressure upfront saw a few more shots and chances in the making. The first half finished on a high, as Vhairi was able to pick up a well-placed through ball to take us into half-time 3-0 up. Fresher Grace made a stand-out debut by taking a free kick on the edge of the box which she faultlessly executed, hitting the far top corner. She made it look effortless! Edinburgh got an indirect free-kick in the QMU box, which saw all 11 of their players lining up on the goal-line. Naomi perfectly tapped the ball backwards, which was just enough to cause a QMU player to flinch off the line. Laila was cool as a cucumber as she beautifully hit the ball between their players. QMU managed to get a good run which resulted in a goal for them, but undeterred, Edinburgh kept pushing and saw Vhairi get her second goal. Final score was 6-1 to Edinburgh, and Vhairi won a well deserved player of the match for her tireless effort upfront. 

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