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Stunning 7-0 Shut Out for Edinburgh 1s

The 1s kicked off their second game of the season against Aberdeen on a warm and sunny day. Conditions are great at the stadium pitch. Edinburgh assert their dominance early on in the game, with Kim taking a fantastic volley off a great delivery from Coppel at 5 minutes. A second goal comes a few minutes later, with another assist from Coppel, passing to Macleod on the flank who fires it in with a fantastic strike in the top corner. Macleod gets her second five minutes later as a through ball from Boeckh gives her a break-away. Aberdeen play some balls on the counter-attach, testing the Edinburgh defenders but not managing to break through. Edinburgh distribute the ball well, switching the play and testing Aberdeen from all angles. Guthrie gets her first goal with the club as she capitalizes on a beautiful cross from Marshall. The second half kicks off, with the sun dipping behind the horizon while Edinburgh continue pressing and testing Aberdeen. Macleod strikes again with a hattrick, driving in the box and slotting it in at a tight angle. This brings the score at 5-0 for Edinburgh. Shortly after, King fires in her first goal for the club, with a good finish on a cross from Macleod. Duverger has great opportunities down the line with quick runs and dribbles, creating chaos is Aberdeen’s defensive line. Edinburgh keeps pressing for more, maintaining a large share of the possession. Duverger gets a well-deserved goal as she breaks through and shoots under the Aberdeen keeper. Edinburgh continue their attack, with a fantastic strike from Marshall from 40 yards out that just hits the bar and goes over. As the final whistle blows, the score stands at 7-0 for Edinburgh. This concludes a great performance from the whole squad, with goals from 5 different players.

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