4th Team

Newly competitive for the 2019/20 season!

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What does this consist of?

-Trainings alongside competitive teams and friendly 11-a-side games against other local development teams.

-Training on Thursdays 7-8:30 pm on East2.


Why this new team? 

- 2018/19 we had vast new interest in our 3 competitive teams, with our 3rd team having a large squad of around 30 members. 

- This is the exciting next stage in the growth of our club!

How is it different to the Recreational programme?

- The Development team will help bridge the gap between the Recreational programme and the competitive team. We have had many players make this jump across teams previously and this will help encourage more to follow in their foot steps!

- Recreational is mainly 5-a-side while Developmental will be 11-a side.

-A level above recreational in commitment but a level below Competitive.

Claire Baker



Sean Cairns

Sean joined EUWAFC in the 2018/19 season as a Goalkeeping Coach for the club. A sign of his dedication and enthusiasm for the club is that he has Volunteered to coach the new development team in the 2019/20 season. 

All at EUWAFC are delighted by his decision and wish him all the luck in this next year!