Join Us!

Welcome Week 2022 has come and gone, but we'll update this space again next year! If you're interested in joining EUWAFC during the academic year, send a note or DM on instagram @euwafc.

How to join EUWAFC

  • To be selected for one of our 4 competitive teams, sign up on the form below and attend our Competitive Open Sessions. These sessions will be split into two segments; you will be allocated to a certain segment ahead of time.

  • To get involved with the Recreational Programme, attend the Recreational Open Session.

  • You are welcome to attend the Open Sessions for both the Competitive and Recreational programs

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In order to be allocated a place at our Open Sessions, fill out the form(s) below:


(we'll share this link in summer 2023!)


(we'll share this link in summer 2023!)

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