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2nd Team Sweep the Field in 5-0 Triumph

On Wednesday 3rdof October EUWAFC’s 2ndteam travelled to Dundee to play against Abertay University who were promoted into division 1A after last season. As it was the first BUCS match of the season the whole team was excited to be playing competitive football once again. Despite an eventful start of struggling to find the changing rooms and the pitch EUWAFC maintained their focus towards the match. The game kicked off and the 2’s defence stayed composed ensuring there were no early opportunities for Abertay to steal a goal. Meanwhile the 2’s midfielders made numerous interceptions of the ball and some real skill was shown by Megan Gower who braved multiple 1 v 1’s. Some great tackles were made before Abertay could even get into the 2’s half, Katy Nelson playing an essential role in breaking up any attacks from Abertay. After some fantastic corner kicks taken by Amy Gilroy the 2’s finally earned their first goal of the match. A great pass from Amy allowed Eva to get her head on the ball to knock it over the keeper and into the back of the net. It didn’t take the 2’s long to score their next goal, which came from yet again a brilliant cross from Amy followed by a strong strike from Megan. The 2’s didn’t allow themselves to become complacent for the rest of the first half, and kept pressing for another goal.

Half time involved a change of keeper for the 2’s, allowing Hannah Dryden to show some skill out on the wing. EUWAFC 2’s continued to attack and strive for another goal, various 2’s players made some great through balls. Amy was given a free kick and came extremely close to a goal when she managed to curve the ball into the left hand corner, unfortunately the Abertay keeper made an admirable save. Kirsty Wilson came on as a striker for second half, eager as ever to score a goal in the first match of the season. Kirsty made some great runs to get past Abertay’s defence and after Amy managed to pass the ball past the defenders and to Kirsty’s feet she slotted the ball into the right hand corner of the net. Another goal from the 2’s occurred after a great touch and strike from Sophie Winterbourne. The last 5 minutes of the match entailed Katie McCabe using her speed to run down the line but a shot was not made before Abertay kicked it out for a corner. Amy stepped up to take one of the final corners of the match, a great kick was made to get the ball into the back of the box where Kirsty was sprinting in and tapped it to well positioned Sophie who slotted it past the keeper and into the back of the net. The final result was 5-0 to Edinburgh, a fantastic performance by the 2’s and a really great start to the season!

Below: The successful 2nd Team squad away in Dundee.

Successful 2nd Team Squad away in Dundee.

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