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Stellar Start for Edinburgh 3s

Edinburgh 3s kicked off their season to a brilliant start on Wednesday October 10th. The 3s were prepared to defend the clubs two varsity wins over St. Andrews with another away match. The sun was bright for an unseasonably warm day. Edinburgh kicked off with a strong start and heavy offensive push. A few minutes in saw a foul on Cynthia Steijn in the box leading to an early penalty for Edinburgh. Molly Simmons stepped up to the plate to take the kick and calmly slotted it in the net making the match 1-0. This lead to St. Andrew seeking a quick equaliser. Soon after an impressive free kick from outside the box lands in the bottom left hand corner of the Edinburgh goal, 1-1. Edinburgh swiftly looks to beat the tie with Cynthia driving the ball up field, played to Fiona Graham who then seamlessly slots the ball in making it 2-1 to Edinburgh. Minutes later a great push again from Edinburgh led by Fiona results in a ball played to Eva Kuepper gaining her debut goal for EUWAFC, 3-1. St. Andrews looking to claim back the score put on some heavy pressure towards the end of the first half. A fantastic strike outside the box lands just below the crossbar, 3-2. With little time in the first half left, and Edinburgh looking to take a more substantial lead the ball is played forward with some great skill and movement from out the back by Cat Lynn, played forward by Stephanie Khoory is sent toward the box. Landing with Colette Elliot she works her way around the box, playing forward to Molly S. on the side who slots the ball in the right hand side of the goal. A comfortable 4-2 half time score for Edinburgh. The second half kicks off with the sun beating down heavily, a thick steam hovers over the grass pitches. The water break seems to fuel up Cynthia who takes the ball down the left wing, significantly outpacing the St. Andrews defense awarding herself with a well deserved debut goal for EUWAFC, 5-2 Edinburgh. St. Andrews seeking to level out the score begin to get more creative on the ball, a slick chip from a St. Andrews attacker sees the score is 5-3. Some more brilliant passing and plays by both sides follows. Meghan Joyce-Anderson finds herself driving down the middle with an incredible shot that is deflected from the St. Andrews keepers hands but Molly S. is there to follow it up, 6-3 Edinburgh. Despite the score the pressure and effort from both sides is maintained, St. Andrews looking to create some more chances but Edinburgh midfield and defense work well together to close down their oppourtunities. This led to a great ball cleared by Jill West in the back, played through to midfield and sent forward to Molly S., just barely on side. Some upset from the St. Andrews side leads to confusion but Molly S. presses forward and slots it past the keeper. The goal is awarded, 7-3 Edinburgh. With a few minutes left to go, one more push from Edinburgh sees Jessica Pashby drive up through the middle with an incredible shot from far outside the box, landing in the back of the net, her debut goal for EUWAFC, 8-3 Edinburgh. A substantial start to the season for Edinburgh 3s with some great play and communication by all.

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