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2s Unfortunate against Glasgow

After a succession of games played at home, the 2s travelled with EUWAFC minibus driver, Eva Steele, to face Glasgow Uni 1s on their home turf. The first half hour saw some great passing football from both teams, however, with no significant chances apart from Glasgow hitting the crossbar from a header ball. The first goal came at 32 mins to Glasgow Uni after a brilliant save from 2nd team keeper Hannah Michie, but unfortunately the ball wasn’t cleared soon enough, allowing GU to rebound it into the back of the net. Despite this, the first half saw some fantastic phases of play from our 2s and a strong defensive line, demonstrated by centre-back Liv Fraser’s solid header which cleared the ball from a corner kick. The 2s held the 1-0 score line until after half-time, when at 60 mins Glasgow scored their second goal. This came from a similar situation where the ball kept floating around the penalty box and a GU player managed to ping it over the keeper. The last goal came in the last 10 mins of the match from a questionable penalty called by the ref. Unlucky that our 2s saw no goals scored, but overall, a pleasant game of football and always learning in the process. That’s the 2s half way through the BUCS League, and next up they face Aberdeen at home. 

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